Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Things That Were

This weekend, I got some interesting new perspective on my life. I find it's good to do that every once in a while. And visiting with old friends was the catalyst for a new path of thoughts for me.

This Saturday, I caught up with friends I hadn't seen in... well, forever, really... Good friends from high school. Friends that I grew up with, for all intents and purposes. The kind of friends that remember when you were awkward and naive and all those wonderful adolescent ideals you used to have. ("Ugh, who wants to have a baby? And stay home? Ummmm hello?")

One of these friends said to us: "You do realize how funny it is that you -- Mike and Steph -- have a baby together now, right?" And I thought about this. I pondered all the junctures in our lives together (14 long years of history) where we chose the direction that led us here.

Every moment of our lives has led us here. Every choice we've ever made, every moment we've ever spent together... For Elissa to have been born, there was a perfect alignment. Any other choice, and we would have had a different baby... or no baby at all. Maybe we wouldn't live in Boston. Or be married to each other. Or have college degrees. Or... anything could be different.

It blows my mind.

And in that moment, I realized she was right. Yeah. It is funny that we ended up here. If you picked up our book and read the first chapter and then this chapter... you'd be really confused.

The journey has made our family what it is. It's been a tough journey, but worth the trip. All of it... even those damn 67 days I'll never get back from the NICU.

I wouldn't change a single moment.

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