Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Adventures of Super Dad

As I suspected, Mike is a Super Dad. I've seen them in action before--swooping in to save Mom from a tantrum, catching vomit in their bare hands, finding the perfect toy to occupy a cranky child... But now I know for sure that I'm married to one.

Apparently, as I was sleeping soundly throughout Ellie's 5 AM wake up time (that's Mike's shift), big events were transpiring. She woke up as usual, hungry and angry, looking for a meal. He trudged down the stairs half asleep. Change the diaper. Sit child in bouncy seat in kitchen. Heat the milk. But something was different...

Ellie quieted immediately when seated in her bouncy chair. Mike looked at her, she smiled.... And barfed. Everywhere.

Now... some dads would panic and wake their wives. Some dads would wipe it up, feed the baby anyhow, then call it a day. But Ellie's dad went into Super Dad mode.

A tub was drawn and Ellie was scrubbed from top to tail. New pajamas were commissioned. A smaller, but sufficient, feeding was given. He even washed the chair. And a very happy Ellie was placed in her swing in Mommy & Daddy's bedroom to quietly nap while Daddy went to work and Mommy snoozed.

Now, I know I can do all of that. I know a lot of Moms that can do all of that without thinking. And I am proud that my husband has equally superb instincts... and the clear-headed thinking that allows me to stay sleeping.

Thank you, Super Dad. That extra hour made me a happy Mommy.


Jaclyn said...

If Mike would like to come over and teach my husband a thing or two, that would be fantastic!

slm said...

super parents! you guys need capes.

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