Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Balancing Act

I think my fiction brain is on vacation.

I won't say that it's dead, because I occasionally catch a glimpse of it. I'll be feeding Ellie and I'll think of a clever story idea. Or I'll be in the shower and I'll come up with the perfect line of dialogue for a character in my novel.

But now that I'm so busy being a mom and all that, I never remember to write these things down. They dance through my brain and right back out into the atmosphere. Some of them are gone forever.

Probably most of them.

I suppose I have to find a way to balance things in my life. Right now, when I'm not taking care of my Ellie-gator, I'm working on tasks for Bentley or writing articles. Since I don't make any money writing fiction, it has all but disappeared from my life. And I'm not happy like that. I keep trying to grab hold of it again, make the time to really get some work done. Something always gets in the way.

I know I'll find a way, but the struggle is really frustrating.

I just hope my fiction brain doesn't atrophy.

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