Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Rhythm of My Life

Elissa has been home with us for two weeks today. Unbelievable. These past two weeks went by so much faster than any two weeks we were in the NICU, it's incredible.

And I'm not sure who gave my daughter the green light on getting bigger. She's already starting to outgrow some of her clothes and I do not approve. I've had to start setting things aside for "the next baby".... and I hate talking in hypotheticals like that. And "next babies" would make my little Ellie Bean a big sister... whoa.

I'm gonna stop myself now before I get too carried away here.

Anyway, back to the two-week milestone. In those two weeks, I've accomplished a few things, not the least of which is keeping my child alive for 14 entire days without adult supervision. I am the adult here. Weird.

And although we haven't so much adopted a "schedule" per se, we have definitely fallen into a rhythm. A smooth, easy dance where Ellie gets fed, diapered, and cleaned. We have "bath nights." We have "play time." And somehow, bless her heart, she finds it necessary to allow Mommy some down time, all alone, once in a while.

It's not so bad, actually. I've got a good baby here. She even lets me clean the house. She isn't scared of the vacuum and she enjoys watching me fold laundry. Ellie really is my daughter if she thinks domestic activities are "fun."

All in all, I'm liking this motherhood situation. I think I will make Ellie a big sister one day.

One day.

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