Monday, May 17, 2010

A Caffeine Fix

I should not have had so much Cherry Coke before bedtime last night.

Ever since I was pregnant, caffeine has had a new, weird power over me. It keeps me awake, basically, but it also makes my creative brain work at super speed. Kinda cool, when you are writing fiction. Not cool when you are trying to go to sleep.

So I sat up, composing the openings of books or entire short stories.... in my head. To get up and get a pad of paper would be to give in. To ignore it...well, I can't ignore it. In fact, I mostly wrote this blog post in my head last night.

Anyhow, as a writer, tapping into this creativity should be celebrated. But for a new mother, at 12 AM, not so much. I'd just quieted my creative brain and started to doze when Ellie decided it was time to eat. And where was that caffeine when it was time to stay awake and feed her?

It was a looooooong night.

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