Monday, June 7, 2010

Head & Shoulders

Ellie's latest project is to catch up on her head control. Understandably, her neck isn't very strong. I guess when you spend about a month and a half without moving, you need some time to catch up. Especially if, technically, you've never really had to support your head before.

Details, details.

When the Early Intervention assessment team came out a few weeks ago, her head control and neck strength was her weakest point. At three months old, they rated her head control at a one-month level. Yikes. But Ellie doesn't back down from a challenge. Oh no.

By the time the EI case manager came back last week, Ellie was already making great strides. She could push up a little bit and turn her head. Her chin would drag the mat, but at least she was able to go back and forth. I said we'd keep working at it, so that's been our focus all week. Lots of mad tummy time over here. She's even got a special tummy time mat to keep her from getting angry (she gets frustrated that she can't see anything and starts screaming!) I think the mat is doing the trick!

Since last Wednesday, she's been rolling over like crazy. Once she gets onto her belly, she can push up to get a few inches off the mat now! She can actually look at you. In fact, on Friday I put her on her back on the playmat and sat down to do some work. I could see her, but I'd looked away to finish typing a thought. Ellie did not approve. She had rolled over onto her tummy, lifted up her head, and yelled once at me. Subtext: "Pay attention! Look at my cool, new trick!"

It is a cool, new trick indeed. And I'm one proud Mommy. Tomorrow is our weekly EI visit and I can't wait to see what she says when Ellie does all her new tricks!

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Anonymous said...

That's so amazing! She's making great strides, I'm sure they will note the huge progress! :-)

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