Monday, September 27, 2010

My Laptop Can Bite Me...

You know how you can drive a car for years and nothing's wrong with it, then Poof! One thing goes wrong, so you fix it... which causes another problem. You fix that problem, find another one, fix it, then the whole thing falls apart? In reality, all these things were probably going on at once, they were just hidden... really, really well.

I think my laptop has been a ticking time bomb this past year or so, kinda like that Honda Civic with the blown transmission that Mike had to replace last November. And now, I fear, it may also be toast.

Stuff like this always seems to happen when I'm climbing back on the horse. I start a new exercise plan, then twist my ankle. I get some really aggressive writing done, and the tendonitis in my hand flares up really bad. I buckle down to a routine, build a desk, get going again... and then my laptop crashes and burns.


So I'll deal with this, like I've dealt with all the other tiny details. It's just one more hurdle on my obstacle course, no need to stop running. There are bigger things going on out in the world, beyond the walls of my apartment. Bigger problems that can't easily be solved. I realize this, I'm just frustrated.

I feel better now that I got that out...

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