Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bessie's Page...

If I haven't said so already, I have some insanely cool friends. This week has been a big BIG week for me. I'm finally, officially a writer.

Like, that's how I get to answer when people say, "So what do you do?"


As a writer who actually wants to make something of herself, of course, I have to have a legit website. I have this really cool friend who can do smart things with code and poof! Website!
Check it out :)

Stay tuned for my coming-one-day fiction writing website :) That will be all frilly and girly... and will hopefully have a slogan.

I have this other super fantabulous friend who likes to play with cameras occasionally. And thus, Bessie The Ghost Cow's Facebook page was born. Join me in paying tribute to little Ellie's bestest bovine friend by liking her page. Mooooooo!

Thanks to my awesome friends! And thanks to everyone who keeps reading my articles! Every click makes me money... so keep clicking! :)

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