Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Moving In

So here I am, coming to you live from my new living room in my new apartment in a completely new town. This is the first time Mike and I have moved outside of our beloved metrowest Waltham/Watertown area, and so far, so good. We have a new mall, new grocery store, new local Target... and lots of other great places to explore.

Unpacking is a long process, since we're trying to fit all of our stuff into this smaller apartment. It's well laid out and has a nice, open feel with plenty of sunlight. But the truth of the matter is, we're down one bedroom and about 300 sq. ft. We're also down a half-bath, but that one I don't really mind because it means one less toilet to scrub.

So as it stands now, our living room/dining room and kitchen are done. Ellie's room is organized, our main bathroom is set up.... but if you go into the master bedroom/bath, not so much is it unpacked. Of course, most of the boxes are office stuff that we can't unpack until I get my new desk (that's where my office will be), so there's not much we can do now.

Penny and Ellie seem to have adjusted without issue. We did have a tiny problem with Penny "marking" territory in the middle of the night, but we solved that already. No way is this dog peeing on my new, white carpet. Argh.

I'm adjusting too. It's quiet here but peacefully so, and I like it. I wish I was on a better schedule, but I know that will come with time. Plus, most of Ellie's nap times I spend unpacking right now. Once there's nothing left to unpack, I'll go back to writing more articles (instead of just the ones that are due) and blog posts and get myself back on track. And maybe I'll stop watching all this TLC / A&E / VH1 programming during the day.

I'll get there.

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