Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ellie's Fan Club

Last weekend, we finally got the chance to celebrate Elissa's baptism. It should have been months ago, but for obvious reasons we delayed the event. Finally, just a few days shy of seven months, we had her christened officially.

And we sorta took over the church.

It's true that there are a lot of friends and family in our lives who've grown very fond of our little Miss Ellie. She did give us a heck of a scare with her "dramatic entrance" to the world. True story. And we've always joked that she'd be the kid in the dance recital with a whole seating section of fans (probably holding signs and cheering enthusiastically for her).

We haven't had the chance to experience that yet, but her baptism was our first big occasion (outside of a hospital) where we could gather to really celebrate her as the gift she is. And it really got me thinking about how amazing that truly is.

All children are a gift, every single one. In Ellie's case, we might appreciate that more since she was so very nearly taken away... and so quickly too. But here she is, an out-and-out blessing for all of us. I rejoice in that every day in tiny ways. And seeing how many other people see her as such a special gift too really touches me, and Mike too. She's a reminder of my faith... and also a reminder of how far our medical science can take us. All at once.

In the years to come, whether we're filling up bleachers at the soccer game or buying tickets to her latest musical, I know we'll always remember how precious a gift a child really is.
So thank you to her real aunties, her "fake" aunts and uncles, her new godparents, her grandparents, all 1000 of her special cousins (hahaha) and everyone who watched her become a miracle. I'm so happy that all of you are part of our family story.

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The mom of 4 monkeys! said...

I was so teary eyed the whole time! She is just such a true miracle and I feel so blessed so have been able to witness such amazement!

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