Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The First Fourth

Ellie's first Fourth of July weekend was tons of fun! It was also excruciatingly hot, but somehow we managed. She HATES humidity, so keeping her cool (and in the shade - no baby sunburns here!) was a priority.

We started the party on Friday with a beach trip to Rockport. The weather was perfect! Ellie's first encounter with the sand was interesting. We're not really sure she knew what to do with it. She kicked at it a couple of times, then tried to squeeze it in her hands. One thing is for sure - she did NOT enjoy having sand stick to her! She mostly played on the towel, took a dip in the ocean with Dad (yikes!), then fell asleep for a nice long nap.

Saturday was HOT... we spent most of the day inside playing with Penny. Mommy fueled her addiction for "Forensic Files" while Daddy washed his car.

But on Sunday, there was a little breeze. Whatever the weather, we were headed out anyway. The annual Haddad July 4th party was raging when we got there. It was hot outside and in (except for the secret AC room.... where we spent a good chunk of our time!) Ellie was decked out in her patriotic attire (including her stylin' bib from Grandma!) Lots of Great Aunties & Uncles met Ellie for the first time. It was great to see everyone!
By the time we got home Sunday, we were pretty wiped. Monday was a nice, relaxing family day to recharge the batteries. All in all, a wonderful first Fourth weekend for my little princess!

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