Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Adventures in Applesauce

Tomorrow, Ellie will be five months old. (I know!) My mind is blow by how fast time is passing... but also by the fact that five months doesn't sound like that long... Time is relative.

Anyway, we've been exploring the world of food with Ellie. She's been getting rice cereal in her bottle for a little while now, so we started with a bowl of that. She made a mess. Also, have you ever tasted formula with rice cereal in it? I made that mistake. It is disgusting.

So we moved on to applesauce.... where she also made a mess. At least she seems more enticed to learn how to coordinate this new kind of swallowing. She also thinks it might be nice for her to hold the spoon. I can already hear her: "Mommy, I do it!"

For the record, Ellie holding the spoon never ends well. Unless you consider splattered applesauce on your furniture and clothing a good end result.

We'll get there.

After a few days, she's still mostly curious (check out those eyebrows) about the whole thing. What is this? What I am supposed to do with it? And why can't I just have a bottle? But every day she seems to get a little bit more applesauce from that spoon.

Next week: sweet potatoes!


Meghan said...

if you are looking for something else to try, we skipped rice cereal and went straight to oatmeal. They sell the baby oatmeal right next to the rice cereal (at least in Target they do). S loved it and would inhale it every day!

You are brave with that spoon. S is one and I still don't let her use the spoon to feed herself!

Stephanie said...

We don't *let* her use the spoon... she just thinks she can! LOL It's a wrestling match!

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