Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Updates & Such

I did it again even though I swore I wouldn't.  I took over a month away from my personal blog.  I'm a jerk.

So here's what you've been missing since then...

#1 - Ellie turned one! She has officially made it to one year and beyond, a milestone that her daddy and I (and a few dozen family and friends) were only too happy to share with her.  More on the birthday and my little princess's big pink dress in a later post, I promise.

#2 - Mommy's got some new jobs.  I hemmed and hawed and left the one big writing job that was paying most of my bills. Why? Because it was also killing me.  My schedule was atrocious. No mom can stay up until 3 AM working then get up at 7 AM with a baby and be happy about it.  It's just not possible.  I traded that in for some new gigs that I was only too happy to find.  Another forthcoming post on this, I promise.

#3 - Get your running shoes, it's almost spring! Eager to get back outside soon, I've become super active Mommy and started training to run a 5K. Crazy, I know.  More on that later.

I'm sure there's lots more going on and my new commitment to blogging will capture it all. I promise!
Stay tuned for more in depth posts :)

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