Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Read More of Me Online

Now is the time on my blog when I shamelessly promote myself.

If this is a newsflash, I'm a freelance writer when I find the time.  I write about health, skincare and beauty, pets, shopping, saving money, pregnancy, motherhood, and lots more. Juggling a handful of jobs, I try to paste together a small income.  Sometimes, I get paid per number of clicks my article gets. So even if you don't want to read it, clicking on it helps me make money.  Clicks are much appreciated!

Here are some of the places you can view my writing online:

Burlington Patch:
I'm a columnist writing about new parenting issues. 
Read my weekly column, Crib Notes every Saturday!

Here, I blog about site reviews, new products, shopping tips, and money saving tips.
Visit my Author Profile for a full list of my blogs.

Yahoo! Contributor Network:
I'm a Beauty Contributer here, hoping to add Parenting and Fashion to my billing as well.
Check out my monthy articles on my Yahoo! Profile.

Mommy's Makeup Drawer:
I've been developing my own blog devoted to skin care for mothers and expectant mothers.
Check out the blog for some great tips and product reviews!

Suite 101:
I write pet care and health articles here.
Visit my Suite 101 Profile for all my articles.

Other Stuff....
I also ghostwrite for Best Natural Skin Care.
I've also been developing brand content for Style Retail.
Plus, follow my movie reviewing blog at Climbing the Movie Wall.
And of course, my fiction writing blog, just for fun.

For more information, follow me on Twitter or visit Stephanie Haddad online.

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